【English】A dream taken out from a mouth is strong.


I made a presentation in my language school today.
Here is my draft. Please read it.

【A dream taken out from a mouth is strong. 】

Today, I am going to talk about “how to achieve your dream”.

And “how to find a dream”, will be discussed on another day.

Now, we are going to focus first on “how to achieve your dream”.

First, I want you to look at this photograph.


It is a newspaper advertisement in Japan, published on New Year’s Day this year. And it advertise comic.

It was written in here ” A dream taken out from a mouth is strong. “

That’s right.
There is only one method to achieve a dream and that is “telling someone your dream.”

This is my experience.

My dream is to Travel around the world and Teach dancing to kids around the world.

In order to achieve this dream, I had to resign my job.
It need to have too courage.

Fear blocks achievement of a dream.
Fear is the greatest hindrance for achieving your dream.

I wanted to achieve my dream.
If I don’t try it, I will have many regrets when I die.

But I was very afraid.

Then, I talked to all people, such as my friend, my family, my coworker, and for every person I met.

I always said.
“My dream is to travel around the world”.
“My dream is to teach dancing to kids around the world”.

Then, those who helped my dream came out.
For example…
Travelers Box a website that supported my departure.
Mr. Shun Kuroki is going to help my Manila life.
And many friends have helped my dream.
I appreciate them very much.

And then, I can’t return because I received many supports from the people.

As a result, in March, I resigned on the company that I worked for four years. I began to travel around the world.
So, now I am in Cebu. I am in here.

And, I received the opportunity to teach dancing to kids on this Saturday, because I will tell to Filipino friend that I want to teach them how to dance and move their body.

I appreciate it very much.

So, if you have a dream, you must try it.
It is just simply “telling other people your dream” .

Don’t be afraid.

If you tell someone your dream, you can achieve your dream.

Thank you.

May 08, 2014 Takanori Nakagome





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